The workgroups item list workgroups you have access to. You can edit their names, member and description and create subgroups.

Workgroups list

The list contains all workgroups available in the system. In here, the administrator can search, filter, sort and add new workgroups.

Search field allows you to search for a workgroup by its name.

You can sort the workgroups by Name.

Clicking on an existing workgroup opens the Edit Workgroup view.

“+” button opens the New workgroup view to enable the administrator to add a workgroup.

New workgroup view

This field allows the administrator to enter the details of a new workgroup.

Following information can be entered:

  • Workgroup name
  • Workgroup parent
  • Description of the workgroup

Cancel button will stop the new workgroup creation. Save button will save the new workgroup and enable other fields to be edited.

Edit workgroup view

Once a workgroup is created, the administrator can edit its properties. Clicking on any of the below options will enable edit mode on:

  • Workgroup name
  • Workgroup parent
  • Description

Cancel button will stop the edit mode and Save button will save the new edited information.

Bin” button will allow workgroup deletion.


The Administrator can add/remove users in a workgroup.

When a new workgroup is created the list of users will be empty.

In order to add new users to the workgroup, simply press the “+” button. This will open a new window where the administrator can see all the available users in the system.

Toggle ON will add the user to the workgroup and Toggle OFF will remove the user from the workgroup.

Once the desired users are selected press “<–” button to save the changes and return to the previous screen.

Workgroup’s users list will be populated with the newly added accounts now. This will be visible at all times in the workgroup details.

In here the administrator can easily remove users from a workgroup by pressing “-” button.


As an administrator you can add or edit a drive associated with the workgroup.

Add storage

To add a new drive connected to the workgroup you need to press on the “+” button on top right of the Storage section.

This will open a new window where you can add the following details:

  • Name of the drive
  • Size of the drive either in MB either GB
  • Notes
  • “Cancel” button will close the window and return to the previous screen
  • “Save” button will confirm the drive creation and mount it. The drive should now appear on all users desktops which are part of the workgroup.

Edit storage

You can edit the storage related to a workgroup anytime.

In order to reach the storage edit window you need to click on the drive you want to edit.

In this window you can change the following:

  • Name of the drive
  • You can increase/decrease the size of the drive
  • Add notes
  • Unmount disk – this option will only remove the drive from user’s desktop. The drive is still available in the system and the data on it is not changed.
  • Remove disk – this option will permanently DELETE the drive causing all the files to be lost.
  • “Cancel” button will return the user to the previous window without saving any changes
  • “Save” button will confirm the changes and return the user to the previous window.

Roles – TBD

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