SSH application

If you don’t find the SSH application in your Friend Start menu, you can open the application by pressing “Ctrl+e” on your keyboard while on your workspace.

This opens a run command window and you need to write “SSH” in it.

Press “Execute” and the SSH application will open and also be added to your Friend Start menu.

Press “Add a new connection” button. A new window will open up where you can enter the details for your SSH connection.

  • Name – enter the name of the connection to want to be displayed in the app
  • Host – the host address which can be URL or IP
  • Port – 22
  • User – your SSH connection username
  • Password – your password
  • Private key
  • Key passphrase

Press “Save” button to save the connection or “cancel” to cancel the action of adding a new connection.

Once you pressed the “Save” button, the connection is created and it will show like this in the application:

You can edit the connection any time. Simply click on button to open the connection details window. Edit mode also enables the connection deletion.

In order to open the connection, click the one you just created and the terminal window will show up.

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