Grant permission to users

As an administrator you can grant access to normal users for using the SSH application.

In order to do so, there are several steps of configuration to follow.

First open MitraAdmin by pressing Ctrl+E and enter the name of the application “MitraAdmin” and press execute.

Once you pressed Execute, the application opens and will also be added to your Friend Start menu.

In here you need to select “Add user access” . At the moment in order to give a normal user access to use SSH app, that user needs access to a Mitra application which will give the user a Mitra User ID.

Add user access button opens a new window and you need to :

  • Select the user you want to give access under “FriendUP User” dropdown list
  • Select a Mitra application like “Wordpad” for example
  • Username and Password can be set as default
  • Press “Save”.

Now the user should have access to SSH application.

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