Conference rooms

This is the place where you can manage and access your conference rooms. In here you have the possibility to also create new rooms and add users to them.

Create a conference room

Creating a conference room is done by clicking on the three dot button as you see below and select  – “Create room” 

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Once selected the room will be created it will show in Conference rooms like this:

You can add the room’s name by clicking on the Edit button  and then press Save. 

Once you created the room and you named it, you can invite other people into it. At the moment this feature only applies for the creator of the room. You need to enter in the room and select .

A new window will open showing the people who are online. At the moment only online people can be invited to rooms.

Simply press “+” next to the user’s name and the invitation to the room is sent.

The invited user will have an invitation showing in their Friend Chat latest activity showing like this –>

Here they can accept the invitation or reject it. If the invite is rejected, the owner of the room will have the possibility to re-invite the user again. 

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Features of a conference room

Your newly created conference room with users joined will look like this:

Conference rooms have various functionalities such as:

Video call button – This will start a video call live session. Read more about video calling here.

Audio call button – This will start an audio call live session. Read more about audio calling here.

Users list button – This button closes or opens the users list displayed in the room. Clicking on a user from the list will open a private conversation with that user.

Invite user button – This will open a new window which shows the online users which can be invited to the room.

Emoji button – This opens a window with available emojis in the system.

Attachment button – opens a list of options for you to choose from when you want to send an attachment.

  • Take a picture – if you have a webcam connected to your computer this feature allows you to send a live photo to your conversation partner.
  • Choose a file – this option opens a file explorer from where you can choose the desired file to send.
  • Cancel – closes the attachment window.

Friend OS gives also the possibility to paste direct images to the conversation by dragging the file over the window or simply copy the file and press “Ctrl+V” in the window.

Send message button – Sending messages can be triggered by pressing this button or by just easily using “Enter” on your keyboard.

Once you sent your message there is also the possibility of editing it in case you forgot to add something to it. All you need to do is hover your mouse over the message in order to activate the Edit button  .

It will look like this:

Clicking on “edit” , a text box will open containing your original message. Here you can add/delete text. Click on “Save changes” and your conversation partner will instantly see your newly edited message. If you change your mind, just click on the “Cancel” button and the editing will be closed. 

“@” feature – This is a feature to allow users to send targeted messages. For example if the users have the settings to not receive audio notifications from rooms, this feature will bypass that if it is used.

In order to use this you need to write @ and then write the name of the person targeted or everyone.

You also have the option to just write @ and then a pop up list shows “@everyone” or “…”.

Choosing the “…” will open up a list with the members of the room. You can click on the users or simply user the arrows on your keyboard to navigate through it and then press Enter when you decided.

Conference room settings

Conference room settings can be reached from the Conference room tab in Friend Chat. Simply click on the three dots button next to a conference room.

In here you have the following:

Open chat – Opens the room

Go live, video – Quickly initiates a video call live session within the room

Go live, audio – Quickly initiates an audio call live session within the room

Settings – Opens a new window with settings. In here you can change the following:

  • Room name
  • User limit

Once you edited the settings press “Done” button.

Leave room – This option will remove you from the room and the room will disappear from the Conference Rooms list.

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