In this tab you are having access to your Workgroup contacts. You can search or start private conversations with any on for your contacts.

You cannot remove these contacts from your list since they are bound by a workgroup created by an Administrator. 

Online users will always show on top of the list.

Private conversations

Clicking on a contact will open the following window:

On the top part of the window you have the name of the other person you have engaged the conversation with, start a video call and start an audio call buttons.

 Video call button – this will initiate a video call with your conversation partner . Read more about video calls here.

Audio call button – this will initiate an audio call with your conversation partner. Read more about audio calls here.

Emoji button – opens up a window from where you can choose the desired emoji. Emojis can be also activated by using special characters like “:-)” to put a smiley face for example.

Send message button – Sending messages can be triggered by pressing this button or by just easily using “Enter” on your keyboard.

Attachment button – opens a list of options for you to choose from when you want to send an attachment.

  • Take a picture – if you have a webcam connected to your computer this feature allows you to send a live photo to your conversation partner.
  • Choose a file – this option opens a file explorer from where you can choose the desired file to send.
  • Cancel – closes the attachment window.

Friend OS gives also the possibility to paste direct images to the conversation by dragging the file over the window or simply copy the file and press “Ctrl+V” in the window.

Once you sent your message there is also the possibility of editing it in case you forgot to add something to it. All you need to do is hover your mouse over the message in order to activate the Edit button  .

It will look like this:

Clicking on “edit” , a text box will open containing your original message. Here you can add/delete text. Click on “Save changes” and your conversation partner will instantly see your newly edited message. If you change your mind, just click on the “Cancel” button and the editing will be closed. 

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