Latest activity

Latest activity is the first thing you see when you open Friend Chat.

In here you will have listed all your private and group chat conversations.

Latest activity enables you as a user to see if you got any new messages, from whom, what was the last message as a preview and the time stamp of it as you can see in the picture below.

The green bubble next to someone else’s avatar means that user is online.

The number in the blue bubble over a conference room avatar shows how many people are online in that room.

Latest activity also displays video/audio call invite or a video call in progress in a conference room.

Live session invite from a private person would look like this. Simply press the camera or the microphone button and you will instantly join the call.

Ongoing video call in a conference room would look like this. In order to join it, you need to open the room and press the video or audio call buttons inside the room.

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