Video calling

When you initiate a video call for the first time, you will get asked for permissions : 

Once you allow it, the video call will be initiated towards the other participant. These permissions will remain permanent in your browser until manually changed.

Until the video call get’s picked up, your initiating call screen will look like this: 

Live session features

A live session has various features based on if the video call was initialized from a conference room or a private conversation.

– Mute/Unmute your microphone

– Turn off/on your camera

– Hang up the live session

– Share live session button. This option is only available in conference rooms live sessions.

This button opens up a window with a link that you can share inside or outside Friend OS.

You have two options here :

  • Create email – opens the email client with the link copied in it
  • Copy to clipboard

Read more about inviting people to live sessions here.

– Media sources settings . This opens a window which lists your audio devices.

In here you can change your:

  • Audio output – drop down list which shows the available devices in your system
  • Microphone – drop down list with the available devices in your system. Also in here you have a sound wave tester for the microphone.
  • Camera – drop down list with the available camera in your system.

Save button will save the new settings.

Cancel button will close the window , cancelling any changes.

– Room chat. This button opens a window allowing the user to write any text in the conference room chat. This window will appear on top of the live session. You can close it by clicking the same button again or by “x” button.

This window will display the text that was written only in the current live session.

You can reach the main conference room with all chat history, it should be still opened on the workspace.

– Share your screen. This feature is only available in Chrome browser. The button will allow you to share your screen or only one application at the time. In order to do so, you need to install a Chrome extension for it.

First time you click this button and you don’t have the extension installed you will be taken directly to the Chrome webstore – Friend screen share:

Select “Add to Chrome” . In the next screen you will be asked if you want to add this extension to your Chrome browser.

Select “Add extension” and it will be added to your Chrome browser. Now you have to go back to your FriendOS tab and in the middle of your live session you will have the following message.

Select the green monitor screen and now you are ready to share your screen. You will be able to select either one application opened in your system, either your entire screen.

More options. This button will open a window with more options available for your live session. 

Text chat – opens up a chat window from the current room.

Pause your video – turns off your video image until you turn it back on 

Mute your audio – mutes your microphone

Stream quality – changes resolution and audio quality

Restart stream – it closes and reopens all peer connections. This option can be used if you have issues seeing other people for example.

Fullscreen – puts the video call window in fullscreen

Presentation mode – turns everyone else’s video and their microphone and enables you as the presenter

Select media sources – select your audio/video/speakers devices

Toggle popped selfie – changes your video screen 

Only show speaker – changes the video to the current speaker

Send/Receive media – enable/disable audio/video 

Toggle cover/contain -enables black borders to your video 

Change name – changes  your name during the active video call 

Clean UI  – removes options/buttons from the videocall UI

Participants – displays the participants engaged in the live session

Leave – leave the live session

Once the other participant(s) joined the call, you will be able to see them :

In here you are getting extra options for each participant .

Refresh connection button – this will refresh the connection with that participant.

Information button – if you hover over this button , information about the connection with that user will appear over the live session screen.

You can check all details from the Routing details to Stream details.

More options – this button opens a window with options regarding that participant.

In here you can :

  • Mute Audio from that participant
  • Pause Video from that participant
  • Only show this participant – will only show that participant’s video

Share a live session

You can share a live session with someone who does not have a Friend account.

When you have initiated a live session in a conference room you have the possibility of sharing that live session with other people.

Simply copy the link and give it to someone. When they will click on it, a new tab opens and they will get the following screen:

In here the guest user has the possibility to :

  • Edit their name or just accept the randomly generated name
  • Join with video and audio – This will join the live session with both video and audio
  • Join with audio only – This will join the live session only with audio
  • Cancel which will cancel this screen
  • Settings which will open a window where you can choose what you are sending and what you are receiving in this live session.
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