Admin panel

This administrator panel allows the users to quickly create rooms in Friend Conference.

In this panel the user can :

  • Search for a conference room
  • Add new conference room by pressing on “+” button. Learn more about new rooms here[link]
  • Hover over a conference room to:

Send invite to participants opens a new window where the user can edit an invite email template and send it to the users involved in the room.

Join live button opens the conference room within your Friend Workspace and joins you live.

Copy to clipboard button will copy the room link to clipboard to you can easily share it with someone else.

Toggle on/off button actives or deactivates the conference room.

Toggle off means that nobody can access the conference room.

Toggle on means the room is active and users can join to it.

How to send an email invite

Once the user created a room, he/she can send an email invite to other users.

This option becomes available in the admin panel where the user hovers the mouse over the room and clicks on button.

New window opens and it looks like this:

– This tab shows the email preview that the users will receive

– this tab allows the user to create the email template that will be sent to users

– this button selects all participants in the list

– this button sends the invitation email to the selected participants

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