Create a conference room

Once the user pressed the button the create a conference room, a new window pops with different settings :

Room name – this is a text input where the user can enter how the room should be called and how it will be displayed for users when they join

Conference link – the link to the conference which can be copied

Permanent room – this room never expires

Date based room – this room can be scheduled to become active on a certain date and time and to expire as well

Description – description of the room

Agenda description – what will be discussed in the room

Optional password – administrator can setup a password that users need to enter if they want to join the meeting

Optional 2FA – Two factor authentication via SMS to join the meeting

Participants – You can add participants from the server or guests.

Save – Saves the settings of the room and creates it

Delete room – Deletes the room

Cancel – Cancels the room creation and closes the window

Manage participants” button opens the window displayed to the right ->

In here the user can search for users within the Friend’s server or added previous guests.

Clicking on a user will select it, meaning multiple selection is also available.

Once the user decided who to invite to the conference room, select “Update participants” list.

Close” button will close the window without saving any changes.

+” button next to Participants allows the user to add people outside Friend to the meeting.

This opens a new window where you can add the name of the participant, their mobile phone number and their email.

Entering the mobile phone number allows this user to login via sms 2 FA.

Add participant” will add her/him to the list of users.

Cancel” will close the window without saving any changes.

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