Friend Notes

Friend Notes is an application which allows you as a user to keep notes in FriendOS. You can add, edit or remove notes plus a various amount of other fun features.

Add folders

You can add new folders or subfolders in the Notes application by simply clicking “Add folder” button on the left bottom corner of the application. This will help you as a user to categorize your notes better.

If you want a parent folder you need to have “Notes” folder selected and then press “Add folder”. In this way you will create a parent folder for your notes.

If you want a subfolder you need to have the parent folder selected and press “Add folder“.

Everything you press the Add folder button a text field shows up where you can enter the name of the folder.

The folders are stored in your Home drive – Home:Notes.

If you want to delete a folder you need to go to Home:Notes and manually delete the folder from there.

You need to restart the Notes application to apply the new changes in the UI too.

Add a new note

You can always add a note to the parent folder Home:Notes or to any folder/subfolder you created. Simply select the desired folder and press “Add note“.

Click on the “unnamed” text and the text input field will activate and you can name the note now. You can always just leave the note as “unnamed” also.

On the right side you will notice the text input field where you can write any text in your note. There are several buttons on the top header.

– Bold text button

– Italic text button

– Drop down list with various headers options

– Drop down list with various font size options

– Insert photo button

– Edit style button

– Align left button

– Align center button

– Align right button

– Align justify button

– Bullet points button

– Ordered bullet points button

Edit notes

You can edit at all times the title of the note and the content of the note.

If you want to edit its title, simply click on the name and the text input field activates.

The content of the note is editable at all times by just clicking inside of it.

Delete notes

You can delete notes in two different ways:

  1. Press “x” button right next to the note’s name and a confirmation window will show up asking if you want to delete the note.

Cancel” will close the window and cancel the deletion action. “Ok” button will confirm the note deletion.

2. Go to Home:Notes folder and search for the note you want deleted. Right click on the note(s) and select Delete.

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