Friend OS offers the possibility to co-edit files using any of the Friend Office applications.

At the moment in order to be able to co-edit a file, both of the user need to have a common shared drive. Read more about shared drives here.

Simply open a Friend Office file. If someone else is already having it open on their side that means you will enter in co-edit mode.

You will be notified by a notification saying that you are entering in co-editing and who the session initiator is.

Once the second user joined the file you will notice on the top right corner the number of users co-editing the document.

Inside the document you will also have visual feedback of who is writing what.

When a user performs a save action to the document, the other users will be notified as well with a notification.

The notification is displayed in the notification center, read more about it here.

Sometimes it can happen that the file gets “locked” for example a scenario would be the session initiator leaves while other users are joining in the same time. In this case, you will get a pop up window.

  • View the last saved version – this option allows you to view only the last version of the document
  • Cancel – cancels the action
  • Edit a copy – This will create your own copy in the same drive which contains the last save. You can edit this file.

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