Look and feel

Look and Feel option lets you as a user to customize your Friend experience even further. 

You can find it by going to the Friend Start menu – Software – Preferences – Looknfeel or simply right click on your desktop – Personalize Look and feel.

Theme options

Window button layout scheme : this option will change the file navigation buttons based on the operating system you are most familiar with. 

Guy color scheme:

  • Light – default Friend theme
  • Charcoal – dark theme

Revert to defaults button which will revert your theme settings back to the default theme that comes with Friend.

Save button which will save the new changes.


Click on window mode

  • Click to front – When you click an item/window behind an opened window, the window that you clicked will be brought in front
  • Click to focus  – The last window/item you opened it will be in focus all the time. 

Hide System disk this option should hide the System disk from your workspace.

Scrollable desktop icons – This option gives you the possibility to scroll through the desktop items when you have multiple icons.

Virtual workspaces  – This option will create virtual worskpaces as you would have 3 desktops instead of only one for example. Virtual workspaces helps users to separate their work and have a better overview on the applications they work with.

The maximum limit is 9.

You also have a variety number of icon labels which will help you distinguish your virtual workspaces better.

How virtual workspaces work:

For example you end up having multiple applications that you work with : Office, e-mail, photo editing etc and 3 virtual workspaces. You can simply go to workspace nr 3 and open your email there. You can open your photo editing application in nr 2. And you keep your e-mail in number 1. When you click on nr 2 you will always reach your photo editing app in full screen without having to scroll through all the opened apps.

To make it easy for you, the workspaces will be listed on the top right of your desktop.

If you want to move various applications to any your workspaces , simply right click on the top border of the application window and select “Move to workspace n” . 

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