My account

My account let’s the user to edit their own personal details, add more storage or check/delete their encrypted keys.

My account is split in three parts: General, Storage and Key management.


In here the user can change the following

  • Change avatar : This will open Friend file explorer where you can select the desired photo for your avatar. If no photo is selected, Friend creates a default avatar for your user based on first initials of your name. The color pallet allows you to chose a background color for the default avatar. Pressing “Remove” will bring the user back to the default avatar they logged in for the first time in Friend.
  • Full name : You can change your full name which is displayed in the top right corner of the Workspace, in Friend Chat and in other apps.
  • Username: This displays only your username and you cannot edit this field.
  • Change password: This allows you to change your current Friend login password.
  • E-mail address: You can edit your email address.
  • Language : Drop down list with available languages in Friend. You can choose the desired language.
  • Workspace mode: Drop down list with different options. This enables a developer to see extra logs in console for example.
  • Save button will save the new settings and apply them to your account.


Storage tab allows you as a user to see all your available disks. In here you can mount/unmount disks , add more storage or edit your disks.

Read about different types of disks storage here. Also more information of how to “Add storagehere.

Clicking on any disk will open a new window to edit your disk.

In here you can edit the name of the disk or the notes about it.

Unmount disk button will unmount the disk and move it in the Disconnected storage area.

Update Disk will save the new changes.

Delete Disk will delete your disk.

If you want to increase the size of your disks you will need to contact your administrator.

Key management

Key management allows you as user to check the stored credentials from various applications inside of Friend. You can edit them or remove them.

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