Below you will find some of our frequently asked questions. 

If there is question/suggestion/problem you encounter with Friend that cannot be found in our FAQ , don’t hesitate to contact us here : https://friendup.cloud/contact/

How do I change my password?

You can easily change your password by going to System menu – My account . In there you will find the option “Change password”.

I forgot my password, how do I request a new one?

In case you forgot your password, just click on the option “Forgot password” in the Friend login screen. You will be asked to enter your username or your e-mail. Once you enter those details we will notify you by e-mail on the next steps of changing your password.

What devices support Friend?

Once you got your Friend account you can easily access it on any web browser from your computer or  any IOS/Android device by installing the app from the store.  You can download Friend on Android here and on IOS here.

I cannot access the Friend login, what is going on?

Not being able to access the Friend login can have various reasons. 

  • You are not connected to Internet. Please check your internet connection before trying to log in to Friend again.
  • There is a problem with our servers. We let our users know on the Friend login page if the problem is on our side. 

How do I change my system’s language?

If you need to change your system’s language, just go to Sytem menu – My account – Language. Select the desired language .

How do I get more storage?

You can easily add more storage by just going to System menu – My account – Add more storage.  We offer a numerous amount of different type of drives including Google Drive and Dropbox Drive .

How do I set up my new storage?

Once you purchased / installed your new storage, just go to System Menu – My account – Storage tab. In there you will see your available storage and your disconnected storage. Your new drive will appear in disconnected storage. Select it and choose “Mount” drive. Now your drive will appear on the available storage place.

How do I get access to a shared drive?

You need to contact your Friend administrator and ask for access to the desired drive.

How do I stop other users to delete my files from the shared drive?

In order to avoid file deletion on a shared drive you need to: right click on the file – Properties – File permissions tab – Check in the “Delete” option. This should prevent other users to delete your files from the shared drive.

How do I install new software applications and tools?

If there is a software you need and you cannot find in Friend, just access the Marketplace.  Browse or Search the Marketplace for the application. Once you found it , just click on install button under the software icon. If the install is not available, you probably need to purchase the application first.

Problems installing new applications?

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How do I remove stored credentials for apps inside Friend? 

You will find your credentials stored under System menu – My account – Key management . In there you can add/edit/remove your keys.

How do I upload files to Friend?

Simply drag and drop files from your local machine to Friend’s workspace or in the desired folder you want the files in. You also have the option to upload local files to Friend by going to System menu – Upload. 

How do I download files from Friend to local device?

If you need to download files from Friend to your local device you need to right click on the file and select “Download” option. You also can select multiple files and right click – Download. You will be prompted by your browser if you want to download multiple files. Accept the permission and all the files will be downloaded to your local machine.

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