File commands

File commands allow the user to do various operations with their files. This can be achieved by right click menu or simply using keyboard commands. The right click menu will adapt based on the type of file you select.

File commands apply for both single and multiple file selection.

Basic file commands

There is a certain amount of basic file commands which will appear to all type of files.


Copy file(s) can be achieved by right click – Copy or by simply pressing ctrl+c on your keyboard.


Once the Copy command has been selected, Paste file(s) command becomes available to the user. Simply right click – Paste in the desired location or just ctrl+v on your keyboard.


Rename file can be done in two different ways.

  • Right click – Rename opens a pop up window with editable text input. Once you got the new file name, press Rename file button or Enter key on your keyboard.
  • F2 key on your keyboard which enables the file name to become editable in the file explorer.


Delete file(s) can be done by :

  • Right click – Delete
  • Delete key on your keyboard
  • Shift+Delete key on your keyboard

All these commands will enable a window pop up with the question if you want to delete the file. Press “Cancel” to abort the operation or press “Ok” to approve the deletion.


Compress file(s) command is available when you have selected a file or multiple files. Simply right click – Compress file(s) and the compression of the files will start.

You will be notified that the compression started and when it ended in Notifications. (Read more about notifications here)


Decompress file(s) command is available on compressed files. You need to right click – Decompress file(s) and the file decompression will start in the folder you have your archive.

You will be notified that the decompression started and when it ended in Notifications. (Read more about notifications here)


Sharing of a file allows other users or workgroups to have access to it.

Real more about how to share a file here.


This opens the current file properties. Read more about file properties here.


This command applies only for simple files and can be done by right click – Download. In order to download multiple files you need to use the Download icon in the System bar. Read more about it here.

Other commands

Based on the type of file you right click, you will get other commands to use.

Make directory

When you right click in the empty space in a folder you will get the option “Make directory” . This will open a new pop up window to enable you new folder creation.

Create Web link

When you right click in the empty space in a folder you will get the option “Create Web link”. This allows you to create URL bookmarks in Friend.

A pop up window opens up and you have to introduce the following information:

  • Name : the display name of the bookmark
  • Link: the link to the address (make sure you use https:// in front)
  • Notes : information about the bookmark.
  • Save button which will save the new bookmark and create the file.

Double clicking on the new file will open a new tab with the web page.

Add bookmark

When you right click on a directory you will get the option to add that folder as a bookmark in the file explorer navigation panel. Read more about Navigation panel here.

Set as wallpaper

When you right click a .jpg or .png file you will get the option “Set as wallpaper”. If you press it, that file will become your new wallpaper.

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