File explorer

File explorer in Friend OS will allow you to navigate, add/remove, sort and search through your storage disks.

File explorer window can be easily resized by dragging the bottom right corner to the desired length.

Address bar

Title bar will display the name of the drive/folder/subfolder etc you are in.

In here you have also the functionality of double clicking the path. This activates an editable text input as you can see in the photo above.

You can easily copy the path and share it with someone else or just replace it with other path. Once you pressed enter with the new path, the file explorer will take you to the desired folder.

In here you will also be able to Close the window ( x button) , Minimize the window ( _ button ) and Maximize the window to full screen by button.

Navigation bar

Navigation bar allows the user to move back and forth through folders, to change the view of the files and search through files.

Navigation arrows :

Arrow up will allow the user to go one folder up

Arrow to the left will allow the user to go back to the previous accessed folder

Arrow to the right will allow the user to forward back to the previous accessed folder

Refresh button will refresh the current folder the user is in.

View modes

Large icons view mode

Displays information by using large thumbnails for of the files.

Extra large icons view mode

Displays information by using large thumbnails for the files.

For example this allows the user to view photo thumbnails better in their folders.

Small icons view mode

Displays information by using small thumbnails for the files.

List view mode

This mode allows the user to see details and sort the files.

Files can be sorted by Filename, size, date, type or permissions.

Search and Make new directories

Search button opens a window which will allow you to look for files either in the current folder either in the whole system.

In order to search for a file, simply write the name’s file and press the magnifying glass button.

If you want to switch the location of the search to the whole system you need to press “Search all disks” button.

New directory button opens a window which allows you to create a new directory in the current folder.

You need to enter the desired name of the new directory and press “Make directory” button or simply “Enter” from your keyboard.

Navigation panel

In here you have an overview of all your storage drives and bookmarks.


  • Click on a disk and it will open on the right side the contents of the disk. Click on any folder shown under the disks’s name and the content of the folder will open.
  • Right click on the disk will give you the possibility of checking or modifying the disk’s properties. Read more about disks properties here.


In order to create a bookmark you just need to drag and drop the folder you desire to the bottom part of the navigation panel.

Once the bookmark is created , clicking on it will open the bookmarked folder.

You can simply remove bookmarks by clicking on the “x” button.

File explorer in applications

This file explorer allows the user to navigate through their system in order to load or save a file.

When you are in an application within Friend , for example Friend Office, and you want to save your file this file explorer window will open. This explorer will show folders and only the specific file type for the application you are in.

In here you can navigate and have the same commands as a normal file explorer. In addition you have:

  • Text field where you can enter the name of the folder
  • Save button which will save the file in the desired location
  • Close button which will close the file explorer and return you to the file.
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