File properties

File properties can vary based on the type of file. The properties can tell you more information about the file , give you access to modify its permissions or share the file.

Below we are going to discuss Storage drives properties and general files properties.

Storage drives properties

To get to storage drive properties simply right click a drive and select Properties.

In here you will have the following options:

Disk information

Disk information let’s you as a user to see the name of the disk, the size of it and how much is used.

In addition you have the option called “Disk visibility” which allows the user to hide the disk from their desktop. Once the desk is hidden you can still access it from the file explorer.

In order to show a drive again on the desktop, right click the drive name in the Navigation panel from file explorer and select Properties. Choose Disk visibility “Visible” and press Save. Disk should show on your desktop again.

Disk permissions

Disk permissions are used for you to grant or take access of various permissions on this disk.

For example various applications in Friend will require permissions from system api, file api etc. If you remove these permissions on the disk, the applications will stop working.

You can see below how an application asks for permissions before it’s being installed.

File properties

File properties allow you as a user to check information about that file, share it, or edit its permissions. File properties is split in three tabs:

General information

This tab contains information such as:

  • Filename
  • File size
  • Date modified
  • Open with : a drop down list which gives you access to all apps in your system to open the file with.
  • Public file: this allows the user to share a file publicly outside the current server. If you check it as on and press “Save” a new link will show in the Public url field. Simply copy this link to whom you want to share the file with. You can always remove outside access to your file by unchecking Public file check box.
  • Share file with user/workgroup option allows you the share and enable editing to the file with other users within the current server. Read more about file sharing here.

File permissions

This tab allows you to add or remove various file operations from your file for you and people you shared the file with.

Owner privileges: these settings concern you as a user. You have the following options for the file :

  • Read: If checked the user can read the file. If unchecked the user cannot read the file.
  • Write: If checked the user can write in the file. If unchecked the user cannot write in the file (read-only).
  • Execute: If checked the user can execute operations in the file. If unchecked the user cannot execute operations in the file
  • Delete: If checked the user can delete the file. If unchecked the user cannot delete the file

Group privileges: these settings apply to other Friend users with whom you shared the file with.

Other’s privileges: these settings apply to guest users which don’t have Friend accounts with whom you shared the file with.

File information

This feature is for files that support database records.

Please contact your administrator to learn more about this.

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