Friend offers the possibility to mount a Dropbox. This gives the users an easy access and management to their files from Friend.

In order to set it up you should follow this steps:

1. Go to System Menu – System – My account – Storage tab – Select Add Storage – Select Dropbox – Add Storage

2. After you chose the name for the drive , the storage it’s created and it will appear in “Available storage” and also on your workspace

3. In order to activate your drive you need to open the newly created storage from your workspace and select the “login.jsx” file. Once you opened the file you will be asked to give permissions to active the disk.

4. After you grant permissions , a new window will open to enable Dropbox access. When accepted, you will be sent to login to your Dropbox account .

5. As last step, once logged in to your Dropbox account , you have to allow “friendup-unifying-platform” to access your Dropbox account.

6. Now you should be able to easy access your Dropbox  files from Friend . 

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