This is a drive where all your shared files are stored. Here you will see shared files you gave access to other users and shared files that were given access by other users to you.

Sharing a file enables the users across the server to see photos, read and co-edit documents in real time.

The folders with the users names or workgroup names in this Shared drive contain the files that someone else shared with you. For example below you see a folder with the name “Ioana Berbec” meaning that this user shared files with you and you can access those files inside the folder. Standalone files found in the root are files shared by you to other users/workgroups.

How to share a file

There are two ways of sharing a file with someone:

Right click – “Sharing”

Simply right click on the file you want to share and choose “Sharing” option. You can find more information about file commands here.

This will open a dialog which allows you to search for users across the server and workgroups (that you are part of).

When you start writing the name you are looking for, the list will be filtered by the characters you entered.

When you found the person or the workgroup you are looking for, select it and click outside of the search drop down to confirm the selection. Confirmation will be also done if you focus on the search dialog again to search for another name.

In case you want to remove someone or a group from the list of shared you can press on the “x” button on the right side of the name.

Now that you decided with whom to share the file, press “Apply sharing settings”. The file will appear into the tagged users “Shared” drive.

If you want to cancel the sharing process of this file you need to close the Sharing dialog window.

Drag and drop

As a user you can drag and drop a file you want to share straight into the “Shared” drive.

This opens a dialog where you can select users or workgroups to share the file with.

Clicking on the name will select the user. This window allows you multiple users selection.

On the bottom left of the window there is a search dialog. This will filter out the results based on the characters you enter.

“Ok” button will confirm the file sharing with the selected users and/or workgroups.

“Cancel” button will close the sharing window, cancelling the process.

Share info

To find information about the shared file for example with whom is shared with, you need to go in the “Shared” drive and right click on the file. Select “Share info”.

This will open a window same as the one described above in the “Drag and Drop” section.

Here you can see the users and workgroups with whom the file was shared. You can also edit the share by adding other users or remove them also.

Unshare a file

To unshare a file, right click and select “Unshare”.

This will remove the file from the Shared drive but it won’t affect the file from the source.

Users and workgroups that had access to the file won’t see the file anymore in their “Shared” drive.

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