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Welcome Friend developer

Befor you get started, please choose the section that is of interest. Friend is different from other frameworks as it is more than a web development framework – it is an internet operating system.

Friend Workspace

The Friend Workspace is our cross device user interface. It allows you to manage multiple applications running at the same time, cross application communication and allows you to access the Friend Core server.

Friend Core

The Friend Core server is a powerful web server and Friend’s operating system kernel. It manages your server resources and routes network traffic between applications and server services.

Application API

The Friend application API gives you several classes and global functions that you can use when building your application. It is optional if you want to build a Friend application, but the quickest way to get access to Friend’s functionality.

Friend Applications are predominantly written in Javascript, the programming language supported natively by your web browser or browser technology. They use the Friend javascript classes and helper functions as a foundation and extend on these to build fully working applications.

As Friend follows an operating system template, each application is sensitive to things like localization, permissions and Friend file structures.

Code guidelines

We have a couple of code guidelines for developers which we encourage to follow.

PHP code guidelines

JavaScript code guidelines

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