Application API

Friend API

The Friend API covers all of the functionality on the Friend Core server and in the Friend Workspace. It is available to every web app developer.

As an operating system, Friend deals with many key technologies found on a PC, like storage, messaging, library calls and window management. When making a Friend application, your application will be accessible on desktops, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and even in VR. So when you chose to use the Friend Application API, you can reap the benefits of a trodden track.

The Application object and messaging

The Application object is the main structure in your Friend Application. It is analogue to the main() function in C/C++ and is executed immediately when an application scope is initialized.

Window management, Widgets, Screens and Menus

Friend supports many surfaces in which you can display user interfaces. The Window manager is built to support many display formats, from Mobile to Desktop, and simplifies developing complex applications.

Door objects and storage

Friend actively uses disks for storage. With support for multiple file systems via file system handlers, it allows developers to read, stream and write to files and directories just like on other operating systems.

Key management

The Key management in the Friend Workspace allows developers to store credentials in a central repository and access these in their apps. This section explores the key management functionality for developers.

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