Window management, Widgets, Screens and Menus

Friend comes with a complete, responsive Window management across devices. On desktop and laptops the interface behaves almost the same. On mobile the window management changes to focus on one window at a time.

Friend applications use a couple of classes to manage their user interface:

The View class

The View class is the most used class in applications. A View generates a new window in the Friend Workspace.

The Widget class

The Widget class is a bit like the View class, but has both a different visual appearance and a slightly different behaviour.

The Screen class

The Screen class is used to create new screens in the Friend Workspace. The screen class is there to help you organize your View windows on a separate spatial area, as an alternative to just opening a View window on the default Friend Workspace screen.

File dialogs

A file dialog is a special class. It shows up in a View window and gives the result of user interaction in a callback.

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